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Finding Financial Assistance and Avoiding Scams

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I am ashamed to say i am seeking financial help from strangers, well, i am willing to pay it back slowly once i work again. I am raising some money for myself to have my liver cancer treatment in America, i already have the tumour removed five years ago, but i am getting lots of side effects the last year, is there any angels out there willing to lend me a helping hand ? I am more than happy to provide medical documents, etc. Also looking for people in the same situation to exchange news, treatments, experience and what not, thanks for reading,
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 in response to Small donation...   I will in fact pray for you my young friend, but one thing to keep in mind.
If one say's in their heart they don't need God. For instance numerous scripture speaks about how loving, and providing God is to those who seek him. How? With their heart. God also says how he owns everything for him, and by him for his divine purpose.
Why friend would you leave out the God. When HE would be the owner of the sourced donation.
To seek HIM sincerely, from the heart you shall find him.
God can confirm, and has confirmed his existence to many by simple asking by faith in sincerity to seek HIM.
God has said to seek me. is to find me. Knock, and the door shall be open, Ask, and you shall receive, but in order to receive such promises. One must have a sincere heart to pursue Jesus.
Have a wonderful, blessed day.
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I know this is crazy, and I'm sure you've read every sad story possible, I can't believe I'm even doing this, I am 53 years old, I have always worked and paid my way, raised my son who is now serving our country in the armed forces, I'm ashamed for him to know how bad things have gotten for me, I've sold most all possessions I have, material things mean nothing and can be replaced, yet when one things starts going the right way, well you know the story, I'm not asking for a large sum, all I need is $200.00, thats it. two hundred dollars, Ive tried payday loans only to be ripped off, I w3ould gladly repay or set up a way to repay the money in 2 pmts if possible. I have no one I can go to, I dont want to be a burden to my son, please if anyone can help me I'm not asking for a donation. I will repay

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Small donation
 in response to Eutawangel...   who do you think you are no affence to you
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 in response to Ethel...   It 'sounds' like the warrant came as a result of cour error, b/c you were told you could move & no payment required? Have you tried consulting Legal Aide, Pro Bono Attorneys esp (since some Legal Aide does not work criminal)?
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 in response to Small donation...   If you think you dont need God but just a amount of donations will help you harm intened but just honesty.
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i am very poor if any one want to donate money please donate it to my paypal account my email is
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Small donation
 in response to Need_yeshua...   I dont ned god just a donation, but if god wonts to drop by and make it rain money i'll be their to collect some cash
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 in response to Small donation...   I will continue to seek God. That is also my request to you my friend.
What is impossible with man. IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD.
I just posted the testimony a few minutes ago in regard to a trip that I needed the finances to cover the cost to go to Biloxi Mississippi.
Seek God with your heart.
Shalom to you Eddie.
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Small donation
 in response to Need_yeshua...   This is a one in a life time trip with my friends at school.
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 in response to Small donation...   Hello Eddie,
You are rather young my friend. In other words you have years in front of you for travel. That is a big sum to go to Washington. You must live a long distance. You are welcome to go to my homepage. There you may find some assistance. I will pray for you my young friend. I pray first. Because Once I acknowledge God in all my way's he directs my steps, and makes them sure.
If you would like to read a God testimony on how God came through for me on a trip. Please feel free to read on the post entitled God Testimony.
Shalom, love, and blessing's,
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Small donation
Hi my name is Eddie and I need 1795 dollars to go to washington. I really wont to go.Ive never gone as far los angeles. My age is 13 years old
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Help me save my home

my name is donna and I have a small house with my 4 kids and i have over $10,000 in

debt and because of this i am going to be kicked out of my and

my kids home if i don't come up with the money i am not asking

for much just a $1 here in there just so i can get some that

will help me with this
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need a blessing
I am a single mom of 2 girls, 3 years ago their dad left us and moved to Mexico. Maria was 2 and Araceli 6 months at the time. Since then i was working as a security officer and renting rooms... i would rent a room in peoples house with my girls, in the begining we would get kicked out because my babies were just too much for strangers to deal with. we had moved 7 times in less then 3 years room to room and at one point in motels. in 2009 i returned back to school. i lasted one year and a half, i lost my job and was finding it hard to pay the Room rent, so i decided to move to Alabama where it was cheaper to live and my brother would be nearby so i could have baby sitter help, well i finally got a trailor i could afford and living alone with my girls. and i am not able to drive now because my car has a salvaged title out of california and Alabama wont allow me to register it. i have gotten 3 tickets driving it to and from work (the nearest big city where i worked is 50 minutes away), and its soo far away that i cant get any help.... i had to stop driving it. its sitting in the driveway with expired california tags. i am suppose to strat school again in the spring but i may not because of the lack of transportation. i am on the verge of welfare, i dont have a washer and dryer so its hard to go to a laundry mat. i have missed appointments due to the lack of transportation.... i also could use help with winter clothes lil girls size 6... and help with gettting heat for the winter, it opperates on gas and there is a big tank which i am suppose to fill myself or get a gas company to bring and fill one.... i need help!! i am begining to feel like a failure, thanks for reading, God bless
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I'm not sure if anyone will even read this. I'm hoping you will. This seems to be my last hope at this point. I have tried everything legal that I can do for my situation. I need help with a bench warrant from NJ. I am now living in FL and trying to keep my life in order and take care of my mother. I owe NJ $7500 for a charge of theft by deception from June 08. I was the victim of a check fraud scam. The one where you are hired to be a mystery shopper. The check I received that was to be used for that was fake and bounced. The bank charged me with theft. My lawyer told me to take the plea of probation or face 10 years in jail. I was terrified, so I agreed. I am not a criminal; I have no idea how that worked. I was given probation and tried paying the money back as soon as I went. The officer refused to accept payment since he didn't have any paperwork on me. I moved to a different county probation in Sept 08. I tried the same with them and got the same response. Still no paperwork that I was even in probation. I moved to FL that December, with permission of the probation dept. I did all that was requested of me. Since I couldn't find a job, I was in violation of my probation and was required to report back to NJ, in 3 days time. I did not have the means to get back up there. Hence the bench warrant that is now active. I have been trying since I was convicted to pay this back. Since the bench warrant was issued, I have been getting told by my officer that she wants me in jail. I am currently in college for the nursing program. I am taking care of my mother. I got fired from my last 3 jobs due to her CHF and having to take her into the hospital. I have been an EMT since 1999. I was at 9-11 helping in NJ. I have 2 brothers in the army, one on his 3rd deployment right now. I help anyone that needs help, sometimes at the expense of myself. I am in no way shape or form a criminal. I have tried so many different things from asking churches for help, asking my family, friends, trying for a loan-which you can't get without a job, I have looked for a job, I have even gone to the senator of NJ. I have tried selling my stuff. I'm at my limit. I need help. All I ask for is a loan to pay this back. I will make the payments needed to pay this off. I know I am responsible for the original $4100 of this. The extra is the amount of the warrant. Please let me know if there is anything anyone can do to help me. Thank you for reading this. I hope to hear a positive response.
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This is a great page with some great resources, but people should be careful not to fall for other information on "free money" out on the internet that's just a scam.

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good morning,
my husband and I are in big need, we where starting a small company here in Bolivia but all our merchandise got robbed and all our capital was the merchandise that was on november last year, since then we have been trying to survive, I just had a baby boy on july 29 and we are starving and in big debt, since we didn’t have any money we asked for loans for the c- section and all the medical attention to our friends and we have to pay interests, we are desperate I need to feed my baby and us we are completely broke and desperate please let me know where I can get help!
thank you very much,
Alejandra G.
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Hi I am in dire need of help from someone who can provide a loan of $2000. I recently had my car serviced and the last mechanic did not include all parts so now that has caused my head gaskets to blow.I have tried to make contact with him but to no avail I am unable to. I need my car as everyone else because it gets both me and my roommate back and for to work.I am employed and have a good paying job that I would be able to pay back with modest terms it's just that with rent and insurance due this month as well as car payment it is hard for me to come up with a big lump sum of money.If you are able to provide any assistance please let me know.
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Hello my name is jessica. I am a single mother of three babies. I have a full time job n goin to school. I just really need help gettin back and forth to job work n school so I can take care of my family. even if u just give me enough money for a box car I will b sooo happy n blessed. thats all I am asking. thanks for ur time.
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