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Hello I need help to get my kids school uniforms and supplies for back to school.
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Sir, i lost my job.., i am ready to work at any job at any country. i am facing v. difficult to managing my family expensive. kindly help to get a job at abroad. i need 25,000$. i hope you will help me
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Hey my name is tricha, I am 31 and me and my bf are struggling really bad right now. I lost my job 2 weeks ago and we have been out trying to find jobs until we blue in the face. My car insurance is due and my car payment is coming up soon. I really not trying to lose my car. My car payment is what is helping my try to fix my credit. And I have a few other payments that need to be taking care of. We really need help for a few months until we can get back on or feet... Of God could bless someone to help us that would be. Greatful. We are good people we help others more then we do it selfs. God please help us. We have lost a lot not trying to lose anything else...
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hello sir i need a help for you kindly please help me please read all mail. I want to marry a girl i am in love with her. But her father want that in my bank account at least 500000$ sir i really need that money if you help me then i will pay all your money back. Our business was flop still 5 years ago. When our business in work i will pay back all your money. If you can't help me her father marry him with some one else sir please kindly help me. Know you are my last hope after God please kindly pay attention on it this is not a lie you can investigate it. Sir please help me out i will pay your all money back. If you want to help me sir please reply i am in your wait. Then i will send you the bank account number if you want any detail you can tell me but sir help me. i just need 500000$.When our business in work we can earn 3000000Rs per month and i will pay your all money back.
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pls I need financial help to start my hairdressing work.if I get 20,000naira things will be fine.please help.
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I need help with 500 for my car payment I lost my job and I'm seeking help with it please if anyone can help anything helps i need it before Monday): thank you
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I need a money for home ....becous i have no money ...for pay ..bil and food. ..plz help me
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Charles 1
Hello Sir, can you please help me with $2000, I want to use it to buy a Nissan Micra car that I can use to start a transport business. Its a very lucrative business here. The money I make from there will help me take care of my financial needs. Thank you.
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konstaniin bekreshev
Hello!We had a war, many people were injured, many are dead, I lost my mother.You find me hard to understand and hard to believe.I am looking for help to restore my ruined house in Donbass, Lugansk.I need to raise $31200, the rest I have.This is the first part of my program.In the future, I want to continue to raise funds to help other families with children, without housing and without hope.Funds help hippos, monkeys, insects in Africa, not living people!!!Help looking for a long time, but no result.Can you help with smaller amounts?The situation is critical.I hope that charity is not a fraud or a lie.Thanks.I will be grateful for any help and information
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Hi I was trying to get anything you can help with because I'm in a crisis my truck broke down , I can't make it to work on time everyday I'm possibly getting fired soon I believe my rent almost due I just need help at the moment
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Banu   in reply to Banu
I need $50000 to start business
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I want to start a business but no money am unemployed
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Old people rock
I need $100,000. This will enable me to help 10 people. We are all elderly and even though we are old we still are alive and deserve dignity and security. Thank you for your time and consideration
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Please I need $4000 to complete my pending fees so I can register for my spring classes. Please help me
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i'm a part time worker with a wife and 3 kids,I living on a rent house for over 12 years,i hope someone help me to try my other luck,the plan is i want to buy a metal detector,but i don't have enough money to buy it,or maybe some one here have an unused metal detector .....your help is our hope...thank you
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I need help. My parents are in many problems Please my parents with money. They have plenty of financial headaches
My father had clear all the financial problems by this week please help my father anyone plzzzz
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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to usmanali
Hi I am sorry but the person you posted to not been on here in a long time. Also this is only a info site.
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sir i need money for after kidney transplant medicine. i am a kidney transplant patient. 2 years ago i was transpalnt my kidney and my mother is donor. i lost my every thing now my family is destoried for money problem. i was first kidney dissase is 2013, i had need 2 years dialysis and suddenly i was infection of Anti HCV virues basically its call hepatisis C , long time i treatment C virus and clean this and doctor confirmed patien is ready for transplant,. i have lots of sad story sir, please belive my problem if you prove it to see my past medical report and presnet i send you, sir please give me money for take medicin and to god life lead,
Talk to usmanali
Please I need a help on how to make money on my own. Any help given to me with any condition is appreciable
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Pleas help me sir
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