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Musaaaaa   in reply to Woman in the shoe 2
I am Mubashir youqoob from India I am belonging with my very poor family but I am well qualified I want to stand my own business but I have not money can you give me some money please help me I am waiting for your message ..
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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to Cesar772
Hi Soulight not been on here for years now. This is a info site I am sorry but there no resources to help with what you ask
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Hi, I need somebody to help me get back to work. I am a truck driver and when I went to renew my CDL I had the surprise of some tickets in the state of arizona and california. Once I pay I will back to work.
Thank you very much and God help all of you
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Hasan imam
hello sir, iam hasan imam.I live in Bangladesh . Sir, I am a student, my father is poorman, So he could not spend the cost of my studies, so that I could stop studying. If Sir helped me a little bit then I could run my studies. Please help me...
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Please help me. I need money to settle my problem, my parents left me alone. I feel want to die .
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Hyee plss help me my realtive cancer patient i need money to pay docotor plss plssa help me
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Hi , I’m a mother of 2 children. I’m currently struggling trying to pay bills , get diapers and clothes for my kids as well as food. Anything would help. Please. I’m in desperate need
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Lovelybright2   in reply to Lovelybright2
Can someone please help me i feel so embarrassed to be looking for help like this but what am i to do if i have no one to go to
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I'm Looking To Get Help With Rent And A Few Bills.. I Just Got Out Of A Very Violent Relationship and Really Need Help.. I Have Nothing And No One To Turn To.. I Really Need The Assistance.. If I Can Get The Help Please Let Me Know.. Thank You
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Shellim   in reply to favored1
Is that true
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favored1   in reply to lyel17
Same here... I hope we get the help we need...
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Hi. If anyone can read this, I just need some help with finances. Thank you. God bless
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I need money pls help
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Please help me!!!
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Plz help me start my busuness my plane
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I need some cash,,,please help am in large debts even unable to pay my house rent
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hi,im ruji,now i have numerous problems going on,i want some,money needed to pay for debt,im helpless,please help me,I appriciate whatever you can do to help me.
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tarikul islam
pls money help.i am helpless.pls some mone help.pls feelings my problems.
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My need is of family/community I just moved to t.n. last july, was getting by even had a job I liked, doing rental repairs and some sub contracting met a girl with two kids, now we stay with her parents, kinda lost in life we both want to start a buissness of some kind. Food truck or farm have been a dream of mine. Just need some advice and a few jobs to get the bills cought up. Thank you
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