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Hi , I’m a mother of 2 children. I’m currently struggling trying to pay bills , get diapers and clothes for my kids as well as food. Anything would help. Please. I’m in desperate need
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Lovelybright2   in reply to Lovelybright2
Can someone please help me i feel so embarrassed to be looking for help like this but what am i to do if i have no one to go to
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I'm Looking To Get Help With Rent And A Few Bills.. I Just Got Out Of A Very Violent Relationship and Really Need Help.. I Have Nothing And No One To Turn To.. I Really Need The Assistance.. If I Can Get The Help Please Let Me Know.. Thank You
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Shellim   in reply to favored1
Is that true
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favored1   in reply to lyel17
Same here... I hope we get the help we need...
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Hi. If anyone can read this, I just need some help with finances. Thank you. God bless
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I need money pls help
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Please help me!!!
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Plz help me start my busuness my plane
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I need some cash,,,please help am in large debts even unable to pay my house rent
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hi,im ruji,now i have numerous problems going on,i want some,money needed to pay for debt,im helpless,please help me,I appriciate whatever you can do to help me.
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tarikul islam
pls money help.i am helpless.pls some mone help.pls feelings my problems.
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My need is of family/community I just moved to t.n. last july, was getting by even had a job I liked, doing rental repairs and some sub contracting met a girl with two kids, now we stay with her parents, kinda lost in life we both want to start a buissness of some kind. Food truck or farm have been a dream of mine. Just need some advice and a few jobs to get the bills cought up. Thank you
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I need $10,000 to solve my financial debts . I think is fate when u born in poor family then married to rich families. I had bad life after married in young age , with 4 kids and not supportive in law families . I create own career and fall down 4th time . This time I faced serious debts in my company . I wish to get help so that I won’t give up this company which I put so much effort for 3 years . I wish I can find an angel to guide me who’s can help me . I have no hopes and friends families all reject to help me . I feel like no have tomorrow
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I'm looking for real estate investment aid of 100,000 dollars
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Please help me I need money urgently please please help me
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Hi.. i need your help.. my savings will gone in scam.. and now i dont know how to pay my debt. I dont know what to do. Please somebody help me
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Cjf1996   in reply to Cjf1996
*barely not vastly
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I don't have a whole lot of debt, I've gotten most of it taken care of except for a few doctor bills. I lost my job in September of 2017 and found a part time job that gave me vastly enough money for bills for the months of November and December. On Christmas Eve I lost that job too because I was a seasonal employee. I have no money for rent and bills and insurrance this month. I'm trying to start my own business because no one seems to want to hire me. I'm commenting because I'm desperate, I need just 2000$ to get though this month.
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I'm contacting you today to see if you can help me.
My life has been ruined with gambling and I've been left with nothing I owe 20,000 Euro and thinking of suicide because the pain and the stress of every day is just too much . I'm looking for a life line opportunity to help me get back on my feet. I'm living at home with mum who's moving country and I have to care for my little brother. I've noting and gave everything to loose.
I've stopped gambling and I'm gamble free eight months but the dark past hangs above my head.
I don't know what to do and I've nowhere to turn . Thanks
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