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I'm looking for real estate investment aid of 100,000 dollars
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Please help me I need money urgently please please help me
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Hi.. i need your help.. my savings will gone in scam.. and now i dont know how to pay my debt. I dont know what to do. Please somebody help me
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Cjf1996   in reply to Cjf1996
*barely not vastly
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I don't have a whole lot of debt, I've gotten most of it taken care of except for a few doctor bills. I lost my job in September of 2017 and found a part time job that gave me vastly enough money for bills for the months of November and December. On Christmas Eve I lost that job too because I was a seasonal employee. I have no money for rent and bills and insurrance this month. I'm trying to start my own business because no one seems to want to hire me. I'm commenting because I'm desperate, I need just 2000$ to get though this month.
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I'm contacting you today to see if you can help me.
My life has been ruined with gambling and I've been left with nothing I owe 20,000 Euro and thinking of suicide because the pain and the stress of every day is just too much . I'm looking for a life line opportunity to help me get back on my feet. I'm living at home with mum who's moving country and I have to care for my little brother. I've noting and gave everything to loose.
I've stopped gambling and I'm gamble free eight months but the dark past hangs above my head.
I don't know what to do and I've nowhere to turn . Thanks
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Sachin   in reply to woman in a shoe
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Hi I'm from Afghanistan
I'm 22 years old
we are in bad situation
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I just do not need anything
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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to Seeker1983
Hi the person you posted not been on here in years.You have came on here to late to get the information where you can get help.
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I am a man living on my own and with no job because my company was closed.I havent been able to make ends meet and i am in debt to the landlord.I owe him a total of 2000 dollars because of the rent.I have the proof for this.I was given until the 24 of this month to cone up with the cash.Is there anything that i can do please.
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Hello everyone. How are you?? I am a father of two children living with my wife for four years so far. We both have been going to financial difficulties for a awhile. And it is very stressful. We would like to find someone to help us anyhow. Here's a list of everything we owed as of right now. Kids day care, medical bills, credit card, and every day expenses. Please help us with anything you have.
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please my girlfriend get pregnant and she is only 17 years old .. i need 400$ for abortion special thanks.
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need help don't know what to do my family is about to be homeless with no were to go please help us
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any help is welcome..
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i didnt know what to do with my life untill now. helping poor people by giving food, medic etc. i have an idea about making a help center to help others but i need 500$ for that. i've collected some from me. so if u help me i can realy get into it. and promise that in future ill give back ur money. :)
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Pls help me
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We ar in need of $400? Were hurting badly here because we need food, medication, bills (which if we don't pay we will loose our hone), and Christmas coming running out of place to look and people to ask. I just need help just this once. PayPal works best foe this. Please help me im pretty much balling myself to sleep at night because of this.
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Dear Sir/Madam i need need some money to pay my rent if you are generous enough and willing to please helpme
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My sweet daughter need help please send some money to operate him
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