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Aijaz Rafique
My name is aijaz Rafique sidd, please help me Meir daughter ka Shaadi Hain please help me I have no money, I am retired for job world health department Tha.
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Hi sir madam

Am shafiya from srilanka
I was well brought up family
I lived happily but i betrayed them
I ran away from my home
And m
Arried a guy but that guy is so poor
Living innocentlyand now having a 2 years old son fr me
I couldnt help my husband
And we dont have a proper house to live
I couldnt take help from my parents because they ignoring me for wh
At i have done
Ii want money to live and help my husband
Ease sir / madam ple
Ase can u help u
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Ione Sheus
I need help badly for my mother she is in the hospital since November 6 2017 and she need surgery. She broke her hip joint. We do not have money for her surgery and her artificial hip joint medicines and bills please help us..
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I need help today for rent and my bills
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Mahendra Pal
Good noon Sir, my profession have gone in lose . I am very sad. Please give me only two lakh Indian rupees. I could start my life again.
Please help me
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Please help me business loss
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Mahesh G
Hi Sir/madam this is Mahesh from India I HV two sisters and my parents are not able to do anywork .. please help me sir...
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I’m desperately in need of money for my community college. I’m working a part time job to try to pay off little bit but the struggle is very hard: my parents are horrible at financing and we’re unable to pay for my school. Please find in your heart if you can send anything, I don’t care whatever amount it is. Anything at all would mean the world to me, and I would be forever grateful. Thank you
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Idhayam murali
For kind heart who is reading this.
I want to pay my school fees plz help me
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99% my problem is mony so please help me
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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to Kutti
Hi Soulight not been on here in years so most you not going to here from her also there no cash on this site only information.
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Sir Good morning praise the Lord thanku for helping others God bless you. .. Sir I'm a unlucky girl in many ways . I want to help my mummy in all his problems but I have no way to help please sir if u can solve my mummy money problems really I will be great thank full to you sir. . Sorry sir thanku
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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to vinodh
Hi the person you posted to not been on here in years.
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Please help me urgent sir
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vinodh   in reply to vinodh
Sir help me sir
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I I have a big problem my famaly loss business iam in a critical possession please help me 5000000 please help me please please sir help me urgent I well retran it after spelispelling my property I well truely return it please help me sir
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Rajkumar, india . sir iam in big financial problem because in 2016 i had done a business with my partner he had cheated me and he escaped i got very loss, i tell the fact i put the money by borrwed from interest givig people for high interest, till now iam paying the interest only, peoples are coming to home and trobling me and my family my wife and my two children's are afraid to go outside , so please help me i cant live with this troble
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Dear sir ,medam,
I am Manel I am from sri lanka. 2009 month of November l lost my business & because of this meter my husband gone mentaly apset. Still he is sik. My brother &sister help me for his medicine and provide us food. And the acomodesion. Since 7years I don't have any income. I mocage my house and the property. My home gone to the bank. They won't to ocsion my property case is going on. I need my house to stay with my husband. & treat him. For this problem I need money I find meny wese to fund the money but I filed. I have to pay to the bank 8500000 sri lankan rupee with 7years interest. Please can you contact to my bank and solved my problem. Am thanking you. If you can't do this can you find me person who can help me in this meter that's godblessed!
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Hi I am Melanie from sri Lanka , I have 4 months old baby. And my husband still don't have permanent job , before I also help him to managed money by doing classes but now I cannot do it with my baby so I need money help at this moment urgently . please help me.
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Hello I am from Haiti and I'm a female. I really need money right now. I have a 3 months old baby. Things have been so hard for me and my family lately. I really need your help please help me. Thank you!
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