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I I have a big problem my famaly loss business iam in a critical possession please help me 5000000 please help me please please sir help me urgent I well retran it after spelispelling my property I well truely return it please help me sir
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Rajkumar, india . sir iam in big financial problem because in 2016 i had done a business with my partner he had cheated me and he escaped i got very loss, i tell the fact i put the money by borrwed from interest givig people for high interest, till now iam paying the interest only, peoples are coming to home and trobling me and my family my wife and my two children's are afraid to go outside , so please help me i cant live with this troble
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Dear sir ,medam,
I am Manel I am from sri lanka. 2009 month of November l lost my business & because of this meter my husband gone mentaly apset. Still he is sik. My brother &sister help me for his medicine and provide us food. And the acomodesion. Since 7years I don't have any income. I mocage my house and the property. My home gone to the bank. They won't to ocsion my property case is going on. I need my house to stay with my husband. & treat him. For this problem I need money I find meny wese to fund the money but I filed. I have to pay to the bank 8500000 sri lankan rupee with 7years interest. Please can you contact to my bank and solved my problem. Am thanking you. If you can't do this can you find me person who can help me in this meter that's godblessed!
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Hi I am Melanie from sri Lanka , I have 4 months old baby. And my husband still don't have permanent job , before I also help him to managed money by doing classes but now I cannot do it with my baby so I need money help at this moment urgently . please help me.
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Hello I am from Haiti and I'm a female. I really need money right now. I have a 3 months old baby. Things have been so hard for me and my family lately. I really need your help please help me. Thank you!
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Hi to all. I need your help. Please? Help me. I need money.
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naatu   in reply to littlelacie
I am a deaies .please help
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Hi mahan im 18 i Need Help I don't Have Any Money...nothing I Realy Need Help Please Help Me If You Can.. ladies do not have the right conditions to work in My Country; Life Is So Hard For Women، They do not have equal rights with men .. I want to live ; Help Me For God ..I want to go to university but I do not have money. Living conditions are very difficult . my Family are Poor . Help me to come back to life ..please Help Me and My Family . My Father Is Sick Please...thanks
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Imtiyaz khan   in reply to Imtiyaz khan
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Imtiyaz khan
I am Indian I have no money because my business lost and I have lot money credit I am very apcet my mind not working somebody help me I need money survive in life and my family... For God sake I hope so if you help me my name is imtiyaz khan please help me Argent sir Need your help no more time please save me and my family
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54 yr old on disability lost the apt I was a day late with damage deposite so landlord rented the apt to some one else and gave my rent money back but I'm living in a hotel and that's costing me i,'ll be on the street soon
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Malik ali
I need same money.becouse somebody cheat me and run away from my all money.know all people ask for money back plese help me with 20000dhr
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Please anyone help me my brother children study.. I'm from India.. We poor family . my brother children both study is atop for money problem please anyone help me.. I'm not ask money.. Any one help books please..
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I am Abdul-Latief Ninkpeng from Ghana a student of Cape Coast you university Ghana offering Education. I have financial problems to pay of my school fees and other stuffs so i decided to browse the net to see if i could get any website that helps people in need. i came across your website please in God's name help me achieve my aim. any amount will be ok for me. I know it is very hard to trust people nowadays I used this name Abdul-Latief Ninkpeng on facebook you can check it out
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Niki0607
Hi this is only a info site there no resources that helps with that and no one on here has any cash if they did no one would be on here asking for help
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Niki0607   in reply to woman in a shoe
Hiii mam, I'm from India I need some money of 50000 for my son medical treatment please can u provide me
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Needy Momma
Hi needy momma i going to tell u something it very herd to get a job end medical billing i went to school for it never got a job in it i came out of class carrying and A. Went back to school for nurse aide got a job in that been a nurse aide for over 30 years. I hope u the best.
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littlelacie   in reply to Needy Momma
Yes, that was what made me finish RN school. It was lots of hard work and I was getting tired of it, but you've gotta figure out what the best thing is to do, and make yourself do it. Worked for me. You go Girl!!
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Needy Momma   in reply to littlelacie
I can get some training for another job. Here where I live they are looking for teachers and I hope I can get the job for the next school term. Yes, you right I might have to leave. I am so sad, I have a child and scared that one day I want be able to feed or clothe him. That what scare me as a parent. My child change the way I look at things now.
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littlelacie   in reply to Needy Momma
Hi again. I did not say getting a job was easy. You mentioned that you did not know what to do. It was just some suggestions, can you get more training for a different job? If you find out what jobs might be available in your area, can you get training for that? I know some places are like that, not a lot of jobs, I used to live in an area like that. It was hard for nurses to find a job unless they drove long distance to get there. Thats one reason we left that area. That might be an option for you, too.
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